Most Marketing firms
oversimplify the realities

of the marketplace by touting their ability to move volume based on penny price differentials.  At Energy Financial, we utilize a more thorough methodology that prioritizes your net gains as opposed to the limited focus of selling based on sales price alone.  By evaluating all the variables, Energy Financial is able to provide our clients with the logistical insight to capitalize on distribution solutions that maximize the full potential of their supply.

Energy Financial concentrates on the entire process as opposed to just looking to better sales prices for our producers. There is significant margin maximization to be found in the gathering, processing and transportation areas. We think that being involved at the beginning of the process allows Energy Financial to best support our customer’s goals.

Energy Financial acts as first purchaser and transports gas to downstream customers including industrial users, municipal entities, utilities and commercial customers behind the utility city gates. We offer a full array of purchase pricing options and can provide hedging strategies to help mitigate pricing risks.


Energy Financial has a perfect record of paying our producers. We utilize a unique insurance program for our trade receivables, which insures payment from our purchasers is received thereby further strengthening our reliability of payment.

Energy Financial focuses on the cumbersome and often complex mechanics of getting new wells connected to gathering systems and pipelines where they exist and to offering distribution solutions for new build outs when necessary.


We provide a full slate of producer services to assist you
in maximizing the value of your resources:

  • Wellhead Connections
  • Nominations and Scheduling
  • Gathering, Transportation and Balancing
  • Contract and Rate Negotiation
  • Tax Reporting, Compliance and Remittance
  • Revenue Distribution


Energy Financial and Physical, LP (EFP) works in conjunction with Local Distribution Companies (LDC) to provide more affordable natural gas, better customer service and billing options to facilities that consume sufficient volumes, as determined by the LDC.  EFP currently supplies numerous industrial and commercial customers. Through this program, LDC’s allow EFP to manage transportation services (the same services and reliability you currently receive) and sell gas sourced by EFP from local producers to facilities that qualify.  This allows EFP to sell gas at a significantly lower price than the LDC, resulting in substantial savings to our customers.

EFP prides itself on customer service and works with each customer to individually tailor the our supply contract to your needs. Our objective is to provide our customers with reliable supply at a competitive price, which in most cases is at a substantial discount to the cost of gas from the LDC.

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